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What we do.

Meaningful engagement.
We believe, the priorities, voices and experiences of young people must inform, shape and direct all policy and programmes aimed at improving the health and access to adolescent and youth friendly health services.. We provide, equip, and inspire adolescents and youth with high quality, high impact and gender sensitive programming through strategic communication, advocacy, capacity building, and specialized service referral and linkages, around integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV/AIDS, TB, Maternal Health, and Harm reduction. Our programs are based on a holistic bottom up model, focusing on individual leadership change as well as systematic change in policy and practice towards a more supportive environment for youth driven development.


Rebuilding Lives for the Future

As Judith Heard Foundation, we envision a Uganda where young people live responsible lives through making informed decisions and life choices. In pursuit of our vision, we focus on the following priorities:
1) Integrated sexual reproductive health and rights.
Through integrated SRH programs, we strive to contribute to improved lives of adolescents and youth both in and out of school.
2) HIV & AIDs.
Through integrated HIV behaviour change communication interventions, outreach programs, and advocating for a favourable environment, we reach out to young people living with and most vulnerable to HIV.
3) maternal and child health among mothers .
Under our peer mothers program, we extend sexual and reproductive health programs, nutritional health, pre and postnatal care, and livelihood programs to young mothers in the reproductive age of 10 – 24 years.
4) Livelihood & development programs
We are committed towards improving the quality of life for marginalized youth by providing them with access to health care, livelihood opportunity and protection; thereby giving them hope to constructively contribute to their communities.
Our mission.
Our mission is to promote universal access to general health, sexual and reproductive health and rights through research, advocacy and innovative partnerships. Secondly, we aim at creating climate change resilient communities through drawing emphasis on mitigation and adaptation policies.

What we Stand For

Judith Heard Foundation is an non-profit organization to support people worldwide and keep an eye in the future Support.


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